So pleased to see you here!

You must have sought me out for a reason…

Perhaps you were looking for a sassy, sophisticated travel companion.
Perhaps you are attracted to my sapiosexual, intellectual hedonistic style that just loves to be led astray.

First of all, allow yourself to picture my beautifully smooth olive skin, long illustrious dark hair, my petite and completely natural feline body, and charming English manner. It’s not unusual for people to be surprised I look even more radiant in real life than I do in my pictures!

I’m warm, genuine and articulate. I was educated in a well-recognised London private girl’s school and grew up in a house filled with artists, which is probably why I first graduated in philosophy before retracing my steps and heading for a career in finance.

So how have you found me here? It wasn’t that I wasn’t successful in a material sense, but I was inevitably drawn to a warmer and more tactile environment where I could express my kinks and love of intimacy, and I eventually realised the austere surroundings of an open plan office didn’t suit my deviant temperament at all! …and I eventually found my niche in the last place I was expecting to find it!
Since then I’ve had a colourful life that’s taken me round the world.

I’ve treasured the opportunity to take a more unusual route through life, and I love to meet people up for a good philosophical tussle. I’m a very attentive listener, and with experience in a range of walks of life, I can keep up with almost any subject from current monetary policy, to why Nietzsche’s sense of humour tickles me more than Roland Barthes, to fantasies you’ve never dared share with anyone else.

I have both an incredibly sensuous personality and a devilish imagination aflame with kinky desires to match. I hope you’ll find me a safe place where your soul can come to rest and rejuvenate, and you feel welcome and able to open up. I strive to make a judgement free space and find nothing more attractive than to meet a fellow hedonist unashamed to pursue the best life has to offer.

I believe life’s pleasures are in the details: a glass of wine, sparkling conversation, good company. I see a good connection as key to a satisfying experience.

All I really want is to see a smile on your face.

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Still curious?

Feel free to peruse my thoughts, perfect dates, and wilder fantasies

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Girl Friend Experience

I am a true romantic in the old-fashioned sense of the word. I yearn to drink in the sights of London, as we stand on the balcony, watching the sunset go down with your arm around my waist as it fades from orange to teal, to azure, to navy blue pierced with stars. To feel the frisson of our first kiss after dark.

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Dinner date

I grew up in London and would love nothing more than to show you around from the dress circle of the best on stage, to inside of a club you need to be in the know to know, to the little back alley secrets where they serve the best food. If you already know your way around London, even better – I love being led astray…

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I like to form real connections with people – being a tactile person by nature, I love a huge range of close encounters, from GFE, through soft and sensual tie and tease, through to bdsm. I’ve toured with some of the best known dominatrixes. I’m now playing around the edges of learning about tantric massage, and also interested in finding ways to mix these different arts together.

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