Cat’s cradle

It seems as though the wicked Catwoman has not only broken into your previously thought to be impenetrable mansion, but now she is sitting in your favourite chair just as you wake up, delicately curled up in her characteristic catsuit, gold belt and medallion, as sported by the original, One and only, Julie Newman, but she is also teasing you, playing cat’s cradle with her rope, transforming it from one shape into another effortlessly, while the rest of her rope has been better employed tying you spread eagled to the bed.

“Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way” she purred, “but either way, I’m sure you’re going to give me the co-ordinates to your safe!” She put down her cat’s cradle, picked up her bullwhip and snapped it for effect!

He tested his rope bondage to check for any give that he might use to escape. There was none: the only safe word – was the words to the safe.

She walked deliciously close to him, her hips swaying a hypnotic spell on her delicate heels, like a snake’s charm. She almost purred as she reached him, lauding her power over his entire physical being as if trying to decide which part of her new favourite toy to play with first. Would it be pleasure or pain that would give the game away first? And his pleasure or hers? She’d have to experiment to find out.

He realised in spite of himself, that he was already giving her all the signs she needed to know she was on the right track. There was no question he was already hard as a rock. The beautiful thing about men – is that they are so easy to read…women only give their secrets away when they choose to, and never under duress….


….After what felt like the most exquisite mixture of flashes of ecstasy, and mainly pain, during which he spent much of the time gagged, only being released to please her, as and when she wished, he realised with a sudden rush that he was about to lose all control…

When he looked up, the last thing he saw was her backflip backwards out of the open window. But how? He must be 30 floors up. The next thing he noticed was the door of the safe blowing open in the breeze. He must have given his secret away in the final moments of screaming where he lost control. Catwoman. He would remember that name forever.