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I have a fascination with all forms of sensuality. Unusually, I have an appreciation both for GFE encounters, and for bdsm encounters, as well as an increasing interest in what can be achieved using tantric massage and the movement of sensual energy around the body, and how these various elements can be combined to create even more fulfilling experiences

To be completely honest, I enjoy, and the majority of my bookings are, GFE. I find them fun, and relaxing and a relief from the stresses and tensions of the day – which instantaneously melt away as we become creative and engaged with one another. In turns, both playful and joyous, and passionate and intense in the most intimate way.

However, I take bdsm very seriously and have had a genuine and inescapable interest in almost all fetishes since my childhood. I feel most comfortable taking the dominant role. When I was younger, I saw the dominant role as a goddess, drawing energy from other people. This is very often the character I like to play: a character in a position of power, who creates an intense charge when she enters the room, which can be harnessed to release a waterfall of emotions and sensual energy.

I do not, however, believe that I am that character. So please don’t expect me to be anything but affectionate, and warm at dinner. I will arrive bubbly and young in appearance, and I will, if you want to come and play with me in these darker arts, change into a different costume and together we will charge the room with a different pre- agreed energy.

I have worked with a variety of dominatrices, and everyone has a different style in how they bring these fantasies to life. While I couldn’t possibly recreate everything I have witnessed, I have developed a few strands and styles over time.

Please read further into bondissage, a combination of Japanese rope and some of the principles of tantra, a wordless intense exchange of energy into which we can work any of your fetishes that we have discussed and prearranged.

I also enjoy roleplay, where we both adopt characters, and usually a situational predicament such as being caught doing something naughty, giving me my opportunity to pounce on you! Please read some of my suggestions for roleplays, and note that I am open to every other, so please feel free to add to the list (there just wasn’t the paper to suggest every naughty scenario I could think of and would like to play with you!)

And believe me – it takes a lot to make me blush! I’ve been around a while and heard almost every fantasy you could think of – you’d be amazed. So you can feel safe sharing anything you’d like to suggest with me, and it will be heard in a non-judgemental, safe space and will absolutely go no further, just the same discretion as I would expect from you 😉

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Girlfriend Experience

I am a true romantic in the old-fashioned sense of the word. I yearn to drink in the sights of London, as we stand on the balcony, watching the sunset go down with your arm around my waist as it fades from orange to teal, to azure, to navy blue pierced with stars. To feel the frisson of our first kiss after dark.
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I grew up in London and would love nothing more than to show you around from the dress circle of the best on stage, to inside of a club you need to be in the know to know, to the little back alley secrets where they serve the best food. “Something about leading you astray….”


I like to form real connections with people – being a tactile person by nature, I love a huge range of close encounters, from the GFE, to bringing a few toys, and ideas, very soft and sensual, often still intriguing, like playing with sensations, trusting me with tantric massage, through to bdsm.

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