Frequently Asked Questions

What will you be wearing to our date?

Rest assured, I will always be suitably dressed for the occasion, whether it be high heels and beautiful dress or designer jeans. I’ll never cause anyone to raise an eyebrow, but we will turn heads, as we make the perfect entrance.

What about discretion and privacy?

Of course! Everything happens between you and me stays as sweet memories between us. I do not kiss and tell, and in return, I’d prefer it if you’d write reviews that omit crude details, and leave something to the imagination. Equally, I expect we’d both probably prefer absolute discretion about our activities and that our secrets should not be shared among other elite escorts.

In terms of my telephone manner, I will never text you unless you have given me a specially designated time or permission to do so, and will restrict all my communication to email unless I have been reassured it is safe to contact you by phone.

Do I need references, and why?

It’s very important for me to verify who are for my safety. I don’t necessarily need references from established workers in the industry, but I will need a deposit in that case (it will establish who you are) and to ensure you are serious about attending the booking.

If you do wish to supplies references, I may be able to waiver the need for a deposit. We can do this in a number of ways: There are a few feedback sites that helpful. I can verify that you work where you do via a call. You can give me references from two recognised professionals in the adult entertainment industry. A deposit also enables me to see that you are who you say you are.

What is my taste in men like?

I have a very high sex drive, and genuinely one of the things I find most exciting is meeting new people, and a variety of people with their different tastes and kinks and passionate embraces! If I had to have a type, I would say I like men who are respectful, considerate and kind. If you’re a real gentleman you’ll be my kind of guy!

What is my perfect date like?

I love weekend getaways! That’s why my rates are tailored in favour of longer bookings so we can really get to know each other and have a romantic escape from the norm. Whether that be a retreat in a country cottage or spa, or slipping across the border for a little romantic getaway by the sea. I really like to take my time and get to someone so we can have the full romantic experience!

Can I stay in contact after our date?

Please do feel free to stay in contact!! I love to get to know everyone I’ve been on a date with…!  Xxxxx

Send me an email any time, asking me how I’m getting on and I’ll respond. I’m less likely to spend lengthy amounts of time on texts, because I like to have time for digital detox, given the surprising amount of time this work requires being on a computer!

Why do you need a deposit?

A deposit is one way of ensuring my safety if you don’t have any references from other established workers in the industry. It also shows that you’re serious about attending the appointment. If I have to cancel I will return it immediately. If you have to cancel I will keep the deposit to secure your next booking.

If you arrange to visit me in Brighton, I may be able to wave the need for a deposit.

What happens if I have to cancel?

Of course, these things happen! Just let me know as soon as possible and let me know when you’d like to reschedule for. I will keep your deposit for your next booking.

Are these pictures recent and genuine?

All my photos are recent and of myself! The girl you see in these pictures is 100% the girl you will meet in person. In fact, I’ve been told I’m actually sexier in real life! Xxx

How Can I check your availability?

Just send me an email and ask, chances are I should be able to see you. My schedule is quite flexible, but like you I have a pretty full life. So to avoid disappointment, I prefer Advanced bookings. Nonetheless, if you send me an email with a charismatic introduction, and there’s nothing stopping me I might be able to see you today.

If you would like me to organise a hotel or somewhere we can do an in-call, which I’m more than happy to do, I will need time to organise this, so advanced bookings are preferred. I do know a variety of salubrious and appropriate locations that can be hired by the hour or the night so it doesn’t need to be expensive. Naturally, the cost be will be in addition to the consideration.

What do I like best about this job?

More or less everything! I seem to have genuinely found my perfect niche, after trying a lot of ostensibly interesting jobs using my degree. In a nutshell, the answer would be – having great sex! And meeting wonderful people x

What do I like best about my body?

At the moment I’m enjoying being petite and very toned, with cute natural breasts. I’m also enjoying being lithe, flexible, able to the splits and spend hours on top – which is my favourite position! 😉 All that dancing paid off!