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“We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love”

If you are in search of an engaging and charismatic woman to soothe your soul, revitalise your senses and bring you joy, you’ve made a fortunate discovery. My most genuine intention is to create a delightful, mutually gratifying, and utterly pleasurable experience for us both to enjoy together.

I am a true romantic in the old-fashioned sense of the word. I would love to our journey to be distinctive, exquisite and unlike any other.

I yearn to drink in the sights of London, as we stand on the balcony, watching the sunset go down with your arm around my waist as the sky fades from orange to blood red, to teal, to azure, to navy blue pierced with stars. To feel the frisson of our first kiss after dark. As we reinvent passion as though we were the first to ever experience it. Our little secret of the night.

I like to form real connections with people. I am tactile by nature, and I have warm blooded Latino heritage. So you can expect both a demure and flirtatious exterior, and a fiery and passionate flame hidden inside biding its time before bursting alight after dark.

I like to recall the heritage of courtesans, paramours and demimondaines, the arts of the floating world of the Geisha’s. I don’t just see anyone, I am extremely selective, not with any judgement at all – but because I’d like to know that our chemistry will be right together…and then I often like to form real, lasting connections with people.

This is why I tailor my prices so heavily in favour of longer bookings. I’d far rather meet someone for dinner and get to know them a little, to bring that extra little electric charge that comes along with us when we are excited to get to know each other.

If you’d like to arrange a weekend away, I’m aware of a multitude of costs that are associated with bringing a girl out and about town with you. And I’ve tried to reflect that. For certain, you can be sure I will be immensely grateful for every minute of our time together. I’ll be as gentle natured, attentive and supportive as I can be, and I’ll love every minute of it!

After that, I think the most important thing we can have is a good sense of humour, and a good attitude to the universe.

I hope you catch me on a day I’m smiling, because I love to laugh, and I’d love to bring you on that adventure with me.

You’ll soon get addicted to my genuine nature, and continuous enthusiasm for life.

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About me

I’m warm, genuine and articulate. I first graduated in philosophy before retracing my steps and heading for a career in finance. I quickly found an open plan office didn’t suit my deviant temperament at all! It wasn’t that I wasn’t successful in a material sense, but I was inevitably drawn to a warmer and more tactile environment where I could express my kinks and love of intimacy.

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Dinner date

I grew up in London and would love nothing more than to show you around from the dress circle of the best on stage, to inside of a club you need to be in the know to know, to the little back alley secrets where they serve the best food. If you already know your way around London, even better – I love being led astray…
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I like to form real connections with people – being a tactile person by nature, I love a huge range of close encounters, from GFE, through soft and sensual tie and tease, through to bdsm. I’ve toured with some of the best known dominatrixes. I’m now playing around the edges of learning about tantric massage, and also interested in finding ways to mix these different arts together.

The sand is warm, the water calls us, come on in the water is lovely!

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