Fantasy (n.) the faculty or activity of imagining impossible or improbable things.

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Roleplay and being Playful

Another of my favourite games to play is roleplay. This is far better suited to fetishes with a narrative, where authority is an important trigger, and can (but does not need to) include service, body worship, ‘getting into trouble for something’, humiliation, corporal punishment, foot worship, and can follow all sorts of twists and turns….the only limit is our imagination!

Please understand that I see myself as ‘dom’, not in the sense that I was born to rule, but that I get genuine pleasure providing, which I believe is a very delicate and sensual art…of really understanding what another person’s fetish is, and actually making that mental connection with them. This is true intensity. Another case of life imitating art.

Again, I tend to prefer ‘lighter’ and more playful roleplays, but I have trained with a range of professional dominatrixes, with various specialities, so if you’re curious, do ask. And yes, I can get access to a fully equipped dungeon with notice, although most of my roleplays just require some open-minded imagination, a little TLC, and an awful lot of cruelty.


Corporate roleplay – this is one of my favourites!! I just love to power dress in my white shirt, sharply tailored suit jacket, and my perfectly fitting, just too tight pencil skirt, with the slit up the back, that gives you tiniest little glimpse of the edges of my stockings.

I don’t take ‘No!’ for an answer! My patience threshold is as thin as the heels of my Louboutins. And it seems like you’re walking in late again. This is one that sometimes involves a little unusual discipline, or sometimes I even bring in a friend in to dole out the punishments.

Private detective has you by the balls – she’s got evidence you’ve been defrauding your current company, and taking money under the table, she’s got evidence you’ve been with other ladies, with graphic photographs to prove it. The thing is, as she walks in with her trench coat and demands you explain yourself…you realise she’s only wearing silky lingerie underneath and her feet and long legs are thinly covered by perfectly seamed stockings. She’s going to put you in a dilemma – are you going to submit to her demands – or shall she turn all of this evidence she’s been paid to collect over to your angry wife? The perfect Femme Fatale seems to be turning the tables on you…

Husband comes home to find he’s been Cuckholded – this game never ceases to give me endless enjoyment. The way I like to play it, we don’t need to involve another person. There are so many encounters that as my sexually inferior hubby you just don’t know about yet. I’ll regale you with stories about who I’ve been playing with the entire time you were blissfully unaware of, often right under your nose, in your bed, with your co-workers.

And now that you’ve found out and I’ve started telling you all of the details, you might as well help me get ready to meet my next hot alpha male.

If you’re feeling even more courageous – I can arrange for an additional person to join us to roleplay the whole scene even more intimately! Just ask, I will provide…! 😉

Caught two timing It turns out not only has the girl you’ve been two timing me with finds out that you’ve been lying and cheating to her the whole time – she actually quite likes me more than you, and we have an instant and compulsive chemistry, that means we just can’t help ourselves! Before you know it, we’ve got you thrust up, and YOU’RE the sexual object this time, entirely for our pleasure. Where shall we start?

Naughty Nurse Medical fantasy – Men are in short supply, and this naughty little nurse is going to give you a medical examination to tell us whether you’re fertile, and can carry on servicing women, or not – in which case not to worry! we’ll find a suitable place for you in some domestic service. If it turns out you are still fertile, then we have uses for you…! This examination shouldn’t take too long or be too painful… this can be done with some medical instruments…or we can do it playfully as a tie and tease with dirty talk…and plenty of bondage! 😉

Mistress of the Manor – you’ve been bought at the servant’s quarters markets and delivered to my door. Unbeknown to you. I often simply retrain slaves, and then sell them at a higher price at market once I’ve worked out what you’re useful for. Very occasionally I find some additional, or even unusual uses for you to keep me entertained while you’re here. I do like good service when I find it!

I’ve got so many more stories…you’re going to have to wait as they come out in individual blogs…so keep your eye on here, and follow my twitter for inspiration and podcasts.

Romantic role plays can always delight….remember the quintessentially English Milk Tray ads from the 70s….?

English Milk Tray Ads

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