Tantric Massage

I have a fascination with all forms of sensuality. Unusually, I have an appreciation both for GFE encounters, and for bdsm encounters, as well as an increasing interest in what can be achieved using tantric massage and the movement of sensual energy around the body, and how these various elements can be combined to create even more fulfilling experiences

In my approach tantric massage isn’t a deep tissue massage for releasing knots, it’s a delicate and connection-forming type of touch, one that should stimulate the skin, and muscles, and relax the body and therefore the mind. By enlivening the whole body, sensual energy can be harnessed and amplified to create even more intense and satisfying experiences.

It should be pleasurable, but it plays a little game, initially avoiding any obvious areas that we so usually repeatedly go back to. By enlivening the whole body, we discover all the little treats that our nerves have planted within us that we have forgotten, or never fully explored before. How else can we expect to achieve a full body orgasm? Did you know for example, that we can all come just by touching our nipples or our feet in the right way?

The body is covered with nerves and sensations, and we very rarely take the time to explore the simple things nature gave us to give us pleasure. If we can learn to tap into them all sorts of amazing things can be achieved: if we harness the power of the body with the power of the mind. It may initially sound just a little esoteric, but I see connection as an actual exchange of energy, one that at our most connected you can feel without even touching.

Four handed massage

While clearly being a simple and straight forward luxury to have four hands massaging your body at the same time! 😉 it is worth mentioning that is more than the sum of its parts. When you experience a four handed massage the mind simply can’t focus on all of the sensations at the same time, and this enables you to let go completely and enter a space of mindfulness and relaxation. The brain can’t wrap itself around so many hands in so many places at once, and so it is a truly mind-blowing experience. I know a beautiful, bisexual and fully trained tantric massage therapist who can join us for a couple of hours for the massage at your request.

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I like to form real connections with people – being a tactile person by nature, I love a huge range of close encounters, from GFE, through soft and sensual tie and tease, through to bdsm. I’ve toured with some of the best known dominatrixes. I’m now playing around the edges of learning about tantric massage, and also interested in finding ways to mix these different arts together.

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